Twitter Will Keep The Info of Where You Tweet!

twitter-lokasyonAccording to an announcement on Twitter’s blog today, Twitter will soon be able to save its users location info. Twitter is planning to implement this technology-also known as geographical labeling- which will of course be optional. This feature will be off by default, and will be optional to turn on and use.

The feature will work by saving latitude and longitude info as the tweet is posted, and will be an excellent opportunity for third party apps developers.

According to the press release, the feature that will be first added to Twitter API will be offered to the developers. After a while, the feature will be added to Twitter’s home page and to the mobile applications. Used for memory labeling, Twitter’s popularizing location info brings tons of applications that could possibly be fictionalized to one’s mind. Knowing the big portion of the deal rests on the shoulders of developers, Twitter left most of the explanation to the developer.

Twitter does not mention how the location info will be gathered, but first thing that comes to mind is that GPS will be used for mobile devices. Other solutions will probably be found including using Yahoo’s FireEagle.

Saving location info inevitably brings along security problems. “Found out not home from Twitter and broke into the house” type of paranoiac news will be popular again. Even if Twitter mentioned not keeping the location info for a long period of time, they did not elaborate on how long the location info will be saved for.

In Webrazzi we have extensively covered the fact that Location based services soon to arrive great importance in 2009 and 2010. Twitter’s sharing location information will allow possible applications to come to life easier and will allow bigger number of users to make use of it.

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