Twitter for Beginners: Twitter 101

twitter101-logoToday, Twitter has published its resource as it calls Twitter 101 as a guide to companies in using Twitter. The guide published on the address gives fundamental information about Twitter as well as Twitter jargon, model practices and case studies.

Twitter 101’s publishing on suggests that the company will provide its various services exclusive to enterprises on the address again in the coming periods. On the other hand, I believe that Twitter, which is long awaited as to when it will build its earnings model, will probably make a new Google diversion in a fully corporation framework without aggravating its users.

Some of you might recall, when Google didn’t have a decent earnings model early on, many analysts, investors and  market leaders could not predict how the earnings model of the company would be, and today, this company is the father of particularly online ad market. Then, we met Google AdWords, working with ads per click model and integrated with search result pages.


We can infer from the very clear statements of founders and investors of Twitter that the company has amply plans about building its business model. In addition, we expect that the company, aiming to attract enterprises more with Twitter 101, will carry out its earnings model soon.

If you are one of those who wonder what this Twitter is, or @webrazzi, what tweet means, or DM, or RT, or have thoughts like, I heard that there is this Twitter, so how can we use it in our company; we recommend you attend Twitter 101 class.

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