The Biggest Event of South-Eastern Europe Internet Market Webit Is Coming

Note: Vadi Efe is one of the founders of, and and this article of his was published in Webrazzi in which he wrote as a guest author.

webitexpo-logoInternet brings people from all over the world together at a mutual platform and allows them to communicate; but it does not replace face-to-face communication or sitting around a table and brainstorm.

We are anxious to come up with global projects that address different cultures but when it comes to working internationally or being able to affect European projects or Silicon Valley, the opportunities we have are very few.

It is much more difficult for especially individual entrepreneurs to create these opportunities. If you agree with all these, I have some good news for you: There is an upcoming easier-to-access international event addressing the Internet market.

This event, Webit, which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 7 and 8, 2009, will be the biggest event that was ever organized in Southeastern Europe concerning B2B Internet Advertising and Digital Marketing.

The event is organized by e-Academy, an international institution dealing with digital marketing and the internet. The two-days event comprising of a number of conferences and an exhibition is planned to take place in the biggest convention hall in Sofia called National Culture Palace. Most of the companies that participate in the exhibition, markets addressed in the conferences and the participants are from Southeast European countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey is one of them.

Some of the prominent speakers at Webit are Google’s “Developing Markets Director” Christian Hernandez, eBay International Marketing Manager Alex Marks, Coca-Cola Europe Interactive Marketing Manager Prinz M. Pinakatt and American Online Platform-A UK Marketing Director Michael Stecker. Other than these important names, digital market’s prominent players such as Paypal, Admob and Mindshare are among some of the speakers. There is one speaker from Turkey: founder of Dataport, Hakan Tetik. You can check out a full list of panels here.

Those who subscribe online can get a free access to the exhibition, or you can buy a ticket for each one of panels and some of them are free of charge. I highly recommend you not to miss the opportunity to purchase %35 discounted tickets available until September 9.

I will be in Sofia to participate in Webit on October 7-8 and I am expecting to see lots of familiar faces from Istanbul. If many participants from Turkey participate in this event, Turkey’s digital market, developing substantially and having international expansions for the past few years, will have an unforgettable event.

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