Survey on mobile internet usage and 3G

nokia-windows-phoneWe have madea report containing the results of the survey made on July 23-27, with 487 participants among Webrazzi readers. The survey aimed to evaluate mobile Internet usage in Turkey, awareness with 3G, and the expectations of the users.

We want to share the survey results particularly pointing to our attention shortly.

  • The rate of users who connect to the Internet with their mobile phone is 63.24%.
  • The rate of users who have phone lines with unlimited or limited Internet package is 43.74%.
  • 92.2% of the users know what 3G is, 7.60% of them have heard about 3G, but do not know the details.
  • 3G means fast mobile Internet for 54.62% of the users. For 40.66%, it means all of the next generation applications (Watching videos/TV with mobile phone, listening to music with mobile phone, fast mobile Internet, making video calls with mobile phone). Making video calls with mobile phone means 3G among others for 2.67% of the users.
  • Turkcell comes to minds as the GSM operator first offering 3G to the Turkish market. 44.76% of the users consider Turkcell the company that introduced 3G first to the market, while 39.22% of the users are aware that all of the GSM operators introduced 3G to the market at the same time. Avea has a voting rate of 1.23%, Vodafone 7.19% while 7% of the participants do not know which GSM operator first introduced 3G to the market.
  • 57.49% of the users say that their mobile Internet usage will increase is they have fast Internet access with their mobile phones. 34.70% of the participants believe that they can increase their mobile Internet usage depending on the price tariff.
  • 35.11% of the users are thinking to make video calls when 3G is launched, depending to the price tariff, while 38.60% of them are not. The rate of the users who are thinking of making video calls is 21.77%.
  • Until today, 56.88% of users connected to Facebook via their mobile phones, while the rate of users connecting to YouTube with their mobile phones is 35.73%. (63.86% of the users have never connected to YouTube with their mobile phones) The rate of users connecting to Google with their mobile phones is 78.64%, the rate of users connecting to a news site is 60.78%, the rate of users connecting a video website is 35.73%, the rate of users who have downloaded at least one file with their mobile phones is 61.81%, the rate of users who has made a bank transaction is 42.51%, the rate of users who made payment by sending text message is 17.45%, the rate of users who has connected their computers to the Internet via their mobile phone is 43.74%.
  • 49.49% of the participants use IPhone, Blackberry or a smartphone or a PDA with similar features.

You can view Survey on Mobile Internet Usage and 3Gas we have added below or download in PDF here

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