SuperTeklif Is Changing Its Name, Gives 1500 TRY (app. $1000) To The Best Offer!

super-teklif-logoDataProfil, one of Teknoloji Holding companies, has decided to change the name of SuperTeklif. SuperTeklif is DataProfil’s product used as a panel for researches of the companies it gives service to and to create the user base it has.

SuperTeklif is one of the entrepreneur projects of Embrio, which was once founded by Teknoloji Holding. Since then, it has started to take position as a company product and been left aside as a brand in the corporate identity, as DataProfil developed its business model in the sense of providing data to outer companies. It seems that the decision to change the name SuperTeklif is sound due to these strategies of the company, whereas it is remarkable that the company is asking for the opinions of its users more than 1.5m for the new brand name.

In SuperTeklif’s authorized marketing system, members gain points for the emails they read, click and reply and they gain cash in return for their points. As DataProfil states, 45% of the company’s earnings is transferred to the member and it has paid 162.602 TRY (app. $110.613) to its member until today.

As we have learned from DataProfil, the company has started to receive suggestions from its members for SuperTeklif’s new name. Until now, the company, which has received more than 20,000 name suggestions, will grant 200.000 points to the members who suggest the best 10 names each, and 1.500.000 points to the member offering the best name.

On SuperTeklif’s point scale, 1000 points correspond to 1 TRY, so the member giving the best offer will receive 1500 TRY.

Receiving name suggestions will continue until July 31, after that, 10 names will be chosen and afterwards member’s votes will elect top 5 names. Lastly, voting for top 5 names will be completed and the name to be the first with the highest number of votes will be the brand name of SuperTeklif from now on.

I believe that this exercise is a good example to Crowd sourcing, but I have doubt whether it will be useful for DataProfil to have the type of brand name it wants. However, above all, I consider this campaign valuable since it will enable the company listen to and communicate with its users.

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