Spezify: Visual Search Engine

spezify-logo2These days, well-known search engines have started to become outdated, and interest in semantic search is continuing to grow. In this sense, we see Spezify as a successful initiative. Stockholm-based Spezify finds rich visual content using APIs of various search engines and websites and orders this content in its page again with a visually rich design.

The service uses MSN Search, Yahoo!, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr and eBay as source for its searches. Released as beta in April and launched officially 6 weeks ago, the website aims to enhance its search results by including other sites’ APIs in the coming period.


We have tried Spezify out and got successful results, though it is obvious that the site has some shortcomings. The site has a large area allocated for YouTube and Flickr results, but text-based results seem to be randomly placed on the pages. Is it sufficient for a website that defines itself as a visual search engine to return only the visual results, or should its result page be visually attractive? To be honest, we are as undecided as the site owners are on this issue. For the time being, there is not a positioning between the two, but maybe it will change in the next days.

It seems that it is difficult for Spezify to supersede Google and other text-based search engines; however, we can say that the growing number of this type of search engines in some sense gives us a clue about what the future search technologies will provide.

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