SocialSeek: Social Media Tracking Came To Desktops

socialseek-logoSocial media has probably been one of the most important issues for brand managers and marketing experts lately. Naturally, when this trend is so high, requirements come after one another. We see that companies and brands need social media tracking mostly at this stage. There are various services to meet this need, but SocialSeek, newly introduced to the market, brings social media tracking to your desktops with advanced Adobe Air application.

The application can be set up like classic Adobe Air, and scans important centers of social media based on keywords or even cities, if you like.  There are surely blogs and channels as Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube among these spots.


When the application completes the search, you get a result page including the texts from social media with the keywords you have entered. If you wish, you can save your search or view the daily trend change based on your search criteria by using the graphics it provides. So, you can view when your brand resounded most or in which periods your popularity increased.



As I have mentioned above, you can readily do this by using search features of different services, plus there are alternative applications that let you track all of the services together. But I believe that a tool like SocialSeek, which is easy to reach on the desktop at any minute, will be preferred and considered efficient by a large number of people.

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