Shared Template Feature in Google Docs


I guess there’s no one left who hasn’t heard of Google Documents, but for those who have, I’d like to mention about it shortly; Docs is one of Google products. It is free to use and aims to transfer the functionality of the office tools in your computer to online environment. It lets you prepare presentations, write documents or draw tables easily on the internet. However, what makes this service out of common is not only its having online office tools, but also its making it possible for you to share the documents you create with your friends and “simultaneously” develop it with them in online environment.

Personally, using only Google Docs, I have managed a number of projects on a text page with the members of my team. It is fun! And the subject of my article is that Google’s added a new feature to this service and is continuing to improve together with its users as usual.

Google Docs has created a pool that takes support from its users. The name of this new feature is Templates. From now on, all Google Docs users will be able to share their own documents as templates, offer them, and vote and use the templates they like. Moreover, it is all free.


I believe that the advanced template options Google Docs has created for personal CVs, financial documents, and business plans that our readers constantly demand from Webrazzi will be of great value.

Our interested readers can reach the templates via create new document option in Google Docs.

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