Sequoia Capital’s Innovative Web Site


Web 2.0 world’s leading investment company, Sequoia Capital has renewed its website, as if wanting to show us that it is innovative and closely following all the trends of today’s Internet world. Renewed website consists of just a search box; to get specific information about the company, you just need to type a few letters about the subject, and you are directed to the relevant page.

The investor of major initiatives such as YouTube, Linkedin, AdBrite, RockYou and Meebo, Sequoia Capital’s this new approach and style should be an example to many companies not only in terms of design or usability, in terms of vision and innovation.

At first, I got question marks in my mind about how useful this website would be, but now I can tell you this website has many other innovative approaches. While navigating in the site, I discovered small but valuable applications that are so important, and I can personally say that compared to the company’s old site, it was much easier to reach to the information I needed.

I recommend you consider this news outside the perspective “what good web site”, but in the sense of vision. In addition, I’d like to remind you that the mentioned the company is the investor company, which aims at point targets in the Web 2.0 world.

It seems that success is inevitable for those companies having the very spirit of innovation.

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