Sector to Come Alive! .TK Domain Names On Auction Sale!

dot-tk-alan-adi-acik-attirmaArda Kutsal’s assumptions supporting the sector’s coming to life trend might be proved right especially after Facebook bought FriendFeed. Following Facebook, MySpace collaborated with music based social networking site iLike; they refused to announce the cost of this partnership. It is also necessary to keep in mind Skype’s sale and its new investors as the latest news.

Along with some global sale rumors, and Youth Republic agreement are among developments that heated up the market in Turkey for the past few days. According to news we got, 1 million dollars are planned to be invested in in a 2-year period that makes this purchase important enough to make history in Turkish Internet history. First appeared in the global internet market with , Turkish entrepreneurs and their purchases are becoming more prominent.

In addition to these developments, there was news concerning another initiative. Dot.TK is offering a different alternative to the existing 20 different .TR domain names and it is holding Europe’s second biggest domain name auction in Turkey. This will be a first for Turkey and generic domain names like ‘’, ‘’ will be for sale. This event is very important for entrepreneurs who would like to buy generic domain names that could be named as online real estate investment. Because domain name investment is considered the cheapest and the least troubled way of investment.

Although domain name is extremely crucial to the project, it is not possible nowadays to find short, easy-to-remember generic domain names. .TK draws the attention at this point. It is considered to be the short form of the name Turk and a short extension. The auction will take place in Swiss Hotel on September 9, 2009. Dot.TK’s CEO Joost Zuurbier said:

Compared to web sites named after the company itself, domain names that are generic names are a better choice for companies and individuals who would like to increase the amount of visitors of their web sites. A generic domain name is registered for only one individual or company. In the first auction that will take place in Turkey, generic domain names will easily be bought and the investment opportunity will be there for our customers. All entrepreneurs are welcome to our auction.

While making this speech, Zuurbier knows that generic names can make a difference once indexed to search engines. Behind the TK extension and this initiative are Tokelau Government, Tokelau communications firm and a private enterprise BV Dot TK’s partner.

In the domain name market, besides foreign abbreviations that really does not make sense to us TK might seem to be a different option but I am not sure how much demand it will attract in terms of international recognition. I cannot wait to see who will offer how much in this auction.

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