Search Results More Efficient with Search Cloudlet

getcloudlet-logo1I have been using Firefox extension called Search Cloudlet for a while. It has been so useful for me that, I decided to advertise it voluntarily so that everyone can benefit from it.

The application is very simple. It analyses GoogleYahoo and Twitter search results while you are searching, and inserts a tag cloud consisting the keyword tags contained in the query results as a result of this analysis.


The words in the tag cloud are arranged in the cloud according to the number of the keywords in the search result analysis. This enables you to view related tags easily. You can add the tags you want to your Google search or remove them from the search results completely. This way, it is possible to filter your search results and narrow them to minimum numbers, when they can be millions.

Among the analysis and rankings, the app. also provides various options like writers for Twitter, locations, blog writers, etc. for Google with different and tags to the users simply. These are called context-sensitive tags and there are many options.


Thanks to this application, I have been able to reach a number of resources containing materials on the subjects I searched on Google.  For example, my last “BMW” query brought some recommendations as tags, I opened sites page and the application brought me great automobile sites. I even regretted having never seen before.

I’m sure this application will do a lot of benefit. You can turn it off when you think that the app. is slowing you down.

Although there are many services providing similar search experience, I consider this app. a unique piece of work since it is a Firefox add-on and it contributes to the search engines from outside.

The application is version 0.7 for now and hasn’t completed its first year yet, but it has nearly 6 thousand daily users and I believe that it is going to continue its stable growth with its new services and improvements. I highly recommend you to follow and use it.

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