Couldn’t Be A Better Domain Name For Office 2010!

logo_microsoft_office2010Microsoft was planning to offer browser-based versions of its popular Excel, Word and PowerPoint applications for its next office suite Office 2010. Microsoft’s plans to offer Online Office applications to compete with the pioneers of the market Google and Zoho, pointed to a hard competition in the future market.

Until today, we were expecting Microsoft to use its online office address for its suite Office 2010. However, we have learned that Microsoft acquired the internet domain, which belonged to a Belgium initiative company called Contact Office.

There hasn’t been an official word from Microsoft yet, but Contact Office, which offers its Web based office tools at, has started to redirect its customers to address. In addition, the domain is transferred to Microsoft as searches of WhoIS reveal.

I bet there couldn’t be a more suited domain name for both Microsoft’s web based applications and its online vision. Having a look at the choice of the name, we can easily presume that the company will continue to compete, putting all the pieces in the correct places and fully organized.

As mentioned above, there is no official word from Microsoft yet, but as its WhoIS records have changed, we don’t think that will be used for any other purposes, do we?

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