Now, Google vs. Apple!

google-apple1Recently, we have been witnessing a competition between Google and Microsoft boiling in search engine field, however today there is a lot going on between Google and Apple. In the recent days Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple’s Board of Directors. The reason is considered to be conflict of interest. Here, conflict of interest means the scope of Apple and Google are beginning to intersect each day. On the issue, Apple made a statement as below,

Unfortunately, as Google enters more of Apple’s core businesses, Eric’s effectiveness as an Apple Board member will be significantly diminished, since he will have to recuse himself from even larger portions of our meetings due to potential conflicts of interest.

However, it is necessary to think whether Apple triggered this situation. To make a correct evaluation, it will be useful to look at the recent past.

That is, in fact there was a good relationship between Apple and Google. Google Maps, which was installed on iPhone by default and some other applications were evident to this. At the same time, members of two companies’ board of directors held counter meetings. While Google CEO Eric Schmidt attended Apple’s board meetings, Arthur Levinson, ex-CEO of Genentech, was known to be attending meetings at both Apple headquarter at Cupertino and Google headquarter at Mountain View as partner board director. This relationship was so attention grabbing that the anti-monopoly trial is still is still going on.

As we examine the last few weeks of the relationship, while the above-mentioned interactions were going on, Apple’s preventing Google Voice on iPhones caused unsettlement for Google, and the news of the resignation came right after it. We cannot be sure if Apple made this decision in order to send Schmidt away because of Android and Chrome OS, or Schmidt wanted to give an answer to Google Voice skew. Of course, beyond all this, they might have separated their ways only due to a commercial dispute as well.

Google surely draws the attention in both web and mobile fields, but this situation may cause unexpected developments when Microsoft draws the swords. As Microsoft is adding a 10-year deal with Yahoo to its ongoing good relations with Intel, it will inevitably discuss its future plans is details since it fell into conflict with its comrade Google. Especially, if Apple considers Google as a competitor for its operating systems, Google might have hard times.

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