No More “On Behalf Of” Message from Gmail!

Users who use more than one email address and set all of them on their Gmail accounts know. If you send an email using an address that has a different domain name other than Gmail, the recipient will get a message like “from on behalf of”. So, not only does the recipient sees your email address, but also can people get confused about which of these email addresses is your prioritized email address.

To explain the situation better, I can give a personal example. For instance, when I added email address to my personal address, the recipient would view address with “on behalf of” phrase on the sent email as I replied the emails delivered to address.

Neither did use to I consider it institutional, nor did I like this phrase in terms of privacy. Until today…

Finally, Gmail gave up the habit of writing “on behalf of” when sending emails from its different servers. I believe that, a larger number of people give up using more than one monitor and use Gmails’s features as it should be, thus creating a value for themselves.

I know that some of our readers have been in the same boat, since there were “on behalf of” phrases on their emails as I have seen from time to time. I guess this news will make them happy as it did me.

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