Microsoft Is In Touch With Nokia: Office 2010 Might Be Downloaded to Mobile Phones

microsoft-nokiaMicrosoft is making new initiatives, while carrying Office 2010 to online environment. Microsoft said it has undertaken an agreement with Nokia to increase productivity in mobile area with a press announcement, and it will try to integrate Office 2010 to Nokia’s mobile equipments.

According to the agreement terms, two companies will follow a common vision in the mobile software field, and want to download Office programs to mobile phones. Nokia’s abandoning of previously used Symbian and Quick Office will put an end to this opposition that has been ongoing for years. This unexpected instance is interpreted in the market as Nokia’s attack against Apple and Blackberry with the philosophy ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

Parallel to Microsoft’s browser-based launch with Office 2010, MS Offices’ reducing to mobile with Nokia will be pretty good in terms of providing productivity and fertility to users for Microsoft and will also give Microsoft the opportunity to create  difference against Google and Zoho. Microsoft is expected to primarily work on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote just like in the mobile environment as well as on the web and can also shift the agreement to a mobile operating system agreement within the framework of their long-term relationship with Nokia.

I believe that Microsoft will make more profit out of this, and the fact that Nokia is also going to use MS Office, which is preferred by the majority of computer users, can make its consumer portfolio even larger. Furthermore, it is speculated that Microsoft can announce Office 2010 product on IPhone within this week. So, it would not be wrong to say that Office 2010 will become Microsoft’s best booming product within the last years.

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