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slideshare-sunum-yarismasi-presentation-contestThe biggest online community for sharing presentations SlideShare.net with the motto “Present Yourself” is running World’s Best Presentation Contest for the third time.

Booming as a start-up in 2006, the project developed more with $3m investment from Venrock investors in total in 2008 and people started to call the project the YouTube of the presentation world with its similar motto. In fact, SlideShare took this so seriously that, it compared itself to YouTube on name based search results.

Making up a vital shortage in the market, SlideShare has became a sharing network offering highly valuable presentations on the Internet, mobile, and marketing world in time. In this concept, particularly the integration with LinkedIn has been an important leap for SlideShare. By adding voice synchronization, SlideShare presentations, already shared on any kind of web environment, took on a more interactive dimension and gained popularity in Turkey.

In addition to developing technically, SlideShare aims to increase its awareness and members by running contests since 2007. Judges of this year’s contest which is highly regarded by its participants are Guy Kawasaki (gkawasaki), David Armano (darmano), and Padmasree Warrior (padmasree). Three judges will select the Best Adobe Acrobat Presentation, which has separate prizes. Other than this, there are nice prizes for top 3, and category winners will be granted Adobe Acrobat 9.

You can participate in the contest in 5 categories with 10 presentations, on a subject you can choose freely. We hope attendants from Turkey will participate in the contest, which accepts presentations until September 8. I believe that this contest will help participants gain effectiveness in preparing presentations, which is particularly important for Internet initiatives and personal demos.

We will be giving place to the presentations of the participants coming out in the contest in Webrazzi.

By the way, if you wish you can have a look at Webrazzi presentations on SlideShare here.

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