Location Based Micro Blog from Turkcell Teknoloji: Panomi

panomi-logo1Developed by Turkcell Teknoloji and will be published in the coming weeks as I have learned, the location based micro blog application Panomi has made its debut at Turkcell 3G as of today.

Webrazzi readers view Panomi’s first screenshot after the guests in Turkcell 3G party and Panomi incorporates the basic features as far as I have learned.

Panomi can send contents with MMS, SMS and Wi-Fi and uses the location information gathered from Turkcell base stations. On the other hand, the service uses IP based locations information for contents send over the Internet and it seems that it is has a different position compared to Turkcell initiatives.


Turkcell Teknoloji official I have met cannot give further details about this matter but as I have heard, an innovative working group is carrying out the positioning and the production of the product in the company at the moment.

We will be reporting different news about Panomi that I have seen and wanted to share with you instantly in the coming days as we get informed about the details. Plus, I can say that I have a lot to comment on in the name of the industry for such a brand new product, but let’s leave the for the coming articles.

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