Investors in Social Media – You Are on the Right Path

socialmedia1As we see people trying to shape their worlds around “like” button in social networks such as Facebook and Friendfeed nowadays, I can assure you that social networks  have started to become one of the most important platforms for putting out and sharing content. In addition, we can talk about a huge increase of not only the number of people using these networks, but also the number of the content shared.

Social networks have already become a part of online experience and people devote some of their time for updating their profiles in any case.  These websites become more multi-media, and more people upload videos or pictures and spend time for watching or look at them day by day.

Universal McCann’s research “Power to the People”, evaluating a global internet habits also confirms the above opinion. We want to share some important points from the survey, which was conducted with the participation of 22.729 active Internet users from 38 countries.

First, we should underline that the active Internet user is referred to the person using Internet every day or every other day within the survey and according to the report, the number of global active Internet users is estimated at 625m.

In ComScore’s report , Germany has the  largest population of 40m users among 17 European countries evaluated, the UK comes after it with 36.8m, which is followed by France with 36.3m users. Turkey ranks 7th with its 17 million users in this ranking. We see similar figures in this report. Active Internet users make up app. 1 / 3 of all of the Internet users. Turkey has 4.8m active Internet users and ranks 9th in Europe. Also in the report, it is stated that internet penetration in Turkey is 35%, and the country ranks 28th among 38 countries.

According to the research results, Turkish Internet users, who are known to be highly social, rank eighth among the populations who have the most networking profiles in Europe. Nearly 2/3 of active Internet users in the world have joined a social network. We can see that this rate is pretty above the world’s average in Turkey.

Another remarkable issue is that, social media is going mobile now. 17% of active Internet users access social media via mobile phones. Turkey’s young population and rapid adaptation to the internet are the country’s biggest advantage. We may say that the numbers from the results of this survey are good and very promising. Two of the rare issues that Turkey takes place in top ten among the European countries are Internet and social media. If you are investing in these issues, you have taken hold of your future: Do not slow down, you are on the right path.

(Visual source: Matt Hamm)

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