Internet Explorer Fights Against Hunger

ie8logoIf you want to feed a poor and haven’t downloaded Internet Explorer yet, or updated the existing version, it’s high time, because, Microsoft will donate eight meals of food for everyone downloading Internet Explorer from this address. Moreover, within this campaign Microsoft will double its food aid and give 16 meals of food for users updating their Internet Explorer version from six to eight.

This movement, organized by Feeding America, aims to meet the needs of low-income families and individuals to aid them in maintaining their lives. This organization provides food to 25 million people, 9 million of whom are children in the US.

As financial crisis is felt more intensely, one eighth of American population is fighting with hunger, and the number of these people has reached 36 million. This figure is up by 30% compared to last year.

This campaign, called Hunger Action Month has other supporters than Microsoft like Sony Pictures Animation, United Airlines, and Macy’s.

If you wish to help the hungry and support the campaign, you can update Internet Explorer here.

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