In-Depth Analysis on Twitter– 1: Who use Twitter and How Do They Use It?

twitter_birdTwitter is moving ahead fast in becoming the most popular service on the Internet. Below, you can find an analysis about Twitter, which started microblogging period, perhaps one of the fastest and most effective trends after social networking and blogging, giving impressive information concerning latest state of the little blue bird.

According to the analysis, Twitter gained 72.5 % of its members during the first 5 months of 2009 when it made the biggest boom, which we can see by looking at Google Trend statistics. Sixty five percent of users who Tweet are under the age of 25, while women make up of 53% of overall users while 47% was identified as male users.


This information allows us to understand that Twitter is surely for young people and is one of the rare services, which has a female/male balance regarding its users. The study is to provide an analysis of Twitter in depth, and the team shows how comprehensive Twitter is. Now let’s look at the results of the report one by one;twitter-analiz-webrazzi

92,4% of Twitter users follow less than 100 people, while 97,8% of users follow less than 400 people. Nearly 1% of the users follow more than 1000 Twitter users, 99% of whom I believe are spam users.

Users Followed:
%93,6 of the users have less than 100 followers, while users who have less than 400 followers make up of 98% of overall users. On Twitter, 1,35% of the users have more than 500 followers, and 0,68% of them have more than 1000 followers.  When the number of followers goes up, the percentage goes down of course.

Mutual Follow:
There is a braking point in mutual follow relationships after 150. Until 150, the number of followers and people users follow are equal but after that, the rate of those users starts to break down.  For example, Twitter users who follow 950 people are followed by only 531 people on average.

Followers – Daily Tweets:
As seen on this chart, average number of Tweets per day for users with 200-800 followers is around 3. But, as the number of followers increases, so does the number of daily Tweets. After 1000 followers, the number of daily Tweets reaches 6, and for a user who has 1750 followers, the number of Tweets per day can be as much as 10.

Average Number of Tweets Per Day:
85.3% of Twitter users update less than 1 Tweet a day, while 1.13% Twitter users update more than 10 times a day on average, which tells us about active usage rate of Twitter. Surely, not all of these are manual Tweets.

User Activity:
There is dramatic statistical information on the activity of Twitter users. 5% of users account for 75% of all activity, and the top 30% account for almost all of it (97.4%).

On this point, the study tells that spam users make up of a little percentage, but it doesn’t satisfy me at all. As far as I know, at least a little number of spams does their jobs well.

This information reveals important facts about Twitter usage. With the next Tweet analysis article, I’ll be sharing significant statistics about when Twitter is actively used, and with which tools it is used.

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