iGoogle Is Now More Social!

igoogleGoogle’s customizable home page iGoogle has a more social form now. Google has introduced 18 new gadgets for iGoogle as of yesterday. Google created some of these gadgets, and most of them are created by third party producers. The share feature on its menu is the gadgets’ main feature. This feature enables you to share the gadgets with your friends on Google Friends or Gmail or interact mutually depending on the type of the application.

Google has a large share of 90% in Turkish search engine market, and before, it let you follow simple daily tasks like viewing weather forecast, news, stock market, and Gmail account. We can say that iGoogle has turned into something different from that with today’s development.

Google has reduced reaching user ID’s to a single API by establishing OpenSocial platform and made iGoogle a communication tool using friendships and associations over third party applications.


The new gadgets added to iGoogle homepage let you to communicate with your friends and take various actions. Google will let you follow what your friends are doing in written by establishing a “feed” like structure. -Yes, it is similar to Friendfeed

Among the new gadgets are fun applications such as Scrabble, Social Photos, Chess, Biggest Brain and Trivia. One of the most striking gadgets is Who Has The Biggest Brain gamei which has more than 3,5m active users on Facebook.  Efforts to extend such a popular game like this one to other social network users can be considered a smart move. Similarly popular applications may choose the same way to spread to users.


iGoogle has a large potential with its new form. I am sure a large number of users will be interested in using iGoogle, which hive place to hundreds of applications on one page and we log in a couple times a day. In fact, Google mentioned of similar small web applications when talking about Chrome OS.

Though we can reach iGoogle’s new gadgets, we cannot use the social side of the applications for now. iGoogle’s social gadgets are used only Australia, the US ve and some other countries for now, but they are expected to react the whole world in a short period. We feel in fact a little bit uneasy about not being able to be among the first users experiencing that kind of developments while living in the most Googling country in the world.

You can watch the video (if you are one of those who can) on iGoogle’s new features on Youtube.

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