iGoogle Has Been Added Video Chat!

iGoogle, which we have made news about recently, has been added new features. From now on, you can video-chat on iGoogle, which has gained a more social structure with the latest changes. Previously video chat was only available through Gmail, now video chat added to iGoogle allows you to communicate whether you or your friends have a Gmail account.

The changes that has been and will be made to iGoogle reminds me of Facebook. With a variety of applications, games you can play with your friends, content sharing, viewing updates that you and your friends made and developed chat features, iGoogle will almost have the same features as Facebook.


Google has kept iGoogle out of the spot light so far and iGoogle has been the playground for those who develop Google applications. With the latest changes and developments, we can say that iGoogle is a convenient platform for Google tools to be used and managed from one area.

A part of Google’s goal of monopolizing the Internet (or stopping Facebook from monopolizing the Internet) will seem to continue through iGoogle. This means, we will make lots of iGoogle news.

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