Guidance For Your Dream Job?

hayalimdek-isWe have learned that a new service has launched in Turkey, based on a model that was never applied before. This service, called Hayalimdeki Is (My Dream Job), lets you gain a different point of view about the question of choosing the right job, which is getting harder and harder, and defines itself as an agency that brings us together with the professionals having our dream jobs.

Although there are various institutions and individuals studying on career choice, Hayalimdeki Is is the first to provide this online to the users. Among Hayalimdeki Is guidance providers, there are nearly 80 different occupations from acrobatics pilots to basketball coaches, chocolatiers to sock manufacturers.


Users can sign up to the website as guidance providers and due to “Vocational Guidance Programs”, these guidance providers can meet people who want to know about their jobs. Programs can last for 2 to 10 days, allowing working people to take day offs to participate in. In line with the applicant’s demand, these programs may focus on familiarizing with the job, practicing it or guidance.

Considering its structure, we might think of this service as a social network for employers as well. The service has a broad range which is a good thing, but the communication modules for membership and guidance providers should be improved. Many new features could be added to the service, which resembles Mindopia in the global market. Particularly vocation oriented video demos and additional information will provide healthy feedbacks.

Though we cannot see job search engines aimed at professional life, which we can find many examples to abroad, it is nice to discover a structure beyond ordinary career portals. I hope that “Hayalimdeki Is” will be the right address for people willing to find their dream jobs.

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