Google Wave Redefines the Concept of Email

google-wave-logoWe are getting closer and closer to the time that Google will introduce its innovative email platform, Wave, to the market. First 100 thousand invitations will be sent starting from September 30. In development process for two years, Google Wave is a product that will change the way that we communicate online. Lars Rasmussen, one of Wave developers, tells us about this quite exciting new email concept in his an 80 min. demo about what this product is and how it works.

In the demo video, it is mentioned that email was in fact invented 40 years ago, even before the Internet, the team started designing Wave with the idea of how would it be if email was invented today. In fact, along with many new features it has, the service resembles an environment having easy file sharing feature like FriendFeed, adopted into email. Some of the grabby features of this new product are:

Google Wave

  • An email can be viewed in more than one screen at the same time. (Instant messaging etc.)
  • You can reply an email by typing in the middle of it.
  • You can share the comments you leave on your blog simultaneously.
  • It has a highly developed automatic word corrector. For example, it corrects the sentence “icland is an icland” as “Iceland is an island “.
  • Drag – drop feature is integrated for adding pictures.
  • Google Translate (Translator) feature is integrated. Now it is possible to write emails and send them in another language simultaneously.
  • Google Video and Google Maps are integrated into emails, so you can run them without going to another website. Moreover, you can work on Google map and exchange comments at the same time.
  • You can connect social networks and micro-blogging sites with one click.
  • Project is open source code and Twitter add-on is already available.

In short, Google offers an alternative platform with this product enabling instant messaging, discussions, and working together by file sharing and socializing in a simple way. Those who want can watch the demo video here . We are, too, waiting impatiently for the product to be launched that will redefine the communications on the net.

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