Google Loses Search Market Share to Bing and Yahoo

nielsen_logoAccording to Nielsen’s search engine market report for July, Google lost some ground. According to the US report, Yahoo’s growth shot up by 11%, and Bing’s 8%, while Google’s growth rate is only at around 3%. Apparently, Microsoft and Yahoo’s partnership caught the users’ attention, after Bing got its share by its marketing campaigns.


We know that Google is working on new technologies in search field. However, a large number of authorities believe that Google should put forth something new while its competitors are making attacks one after another. Besides this, Google has stayed out of the concept of real-time search, and it is a clear sign that Facebook aims to act early and become prominent on this field, as it has recently improved search and acquired FriendFeed. On many platforms, it is stated that Google has no other choice left than to buy Twitter under this circumstance.

Even so, it is not that danger bells are ringing for  search giant Google, since Google is planning to conquer every corner by providing any software requirement not only for the Internet, but also for computers, especially with the improvements on Chrome’s part. In Turkey, there is no other search engine other than Google that rules the market. Internet users in Turkey have adopted Google so much that, there are many people who choose to enter the name of the web site or its link to Google, rather than typing it in the address line.

It doesn’t seem possible for Google to lose the leadership of the search market, even if its global growth rate has slowed down. It is not correct to be so sure, as we have the Altavista case as an example, but when considering what Google is capable of, this idea becomes more than probable.

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