Getting Initiative Fund in 140 Characters

twitter-logoThis innovative idea belongs to Richard Branson. He says, if you have a business idea of want fund, Tweet me. Those who are not familiar with Twitter can think of it as sending their business idea as short message.

Generally, every entrepreneur is recommended to be ready for making his “Elevator Pitch” in one minute. Elevator pitch is based on telling the outline of your initiative in sixty seconds when you meet and investor in an elevator. If you can get the investor’s interest, it’ll be a happy ending with him inviting you to his office. If he doesn’t, you are left in the elevator. Therefore, elevator pitch is so important. I couldn’t imagine this concept would get shorter, but now there’s a new thing as Richard Branson calls micropitch.

Of course, you don’t need to meet Richard Branson in an elevator, all you have to do is Tweet your business idea to @PerfectBusiness and post Hashtag as (#) Micropitch, and tell your business idea with the remaining 111 characters.  Winning business ideas will get two plane tickets to Perfect Business – L.A Startup Conference, accommodation, and coaching service to turn this tweet into a business plan.

Those who wish could also send their business planes to Perfect Business but it is $60 while free to send messages on Twitter.

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