Get Rid of Spam Automatically With Gmail

gmailWe have shared with you the news that Google applications shed their beta tag. This beta process took so long that, “Back to Beta” add-on was released for Gmail, which was removed from its 5-year-old beta status, and this add-on could be activated through Labs. Though there are some who already left this long process behind, Google wants to make the best of it.

Having announced its shared template feature for Google Docs, Google has made a change for unwanted emails now.  At first, when we marked the unwanted emails as spam, we couldn’t prevent them reaching our inbox, and it was rarely possible to unsubscribe from those newsletters. Besides, even if Google did its best to filter those emails, some mails that were filtered as spam by some, were considered worth to read by others.

Gmail’s new feature promises to save us from the trouble of filtering spam in this sense. From now on, we will be able to tag the unwanted emails in our inbox as spam, and notify the sender that we want to unsubscribe from the newsletter via Gmail.


When we choose “Unsubscribe” option, Gmail will send the sender of the email a request to unsubscribe us from its newsletter and try get rid of this email with one click for us. In the statement made, it is pointed out that unsubscribe link cannot be placed in all of the emails, surely.

I think I will definitely use this innovation to get rid of unwanted emails in my inbox. Maybe this way we can put an end to ad emails coming from unknown senders and which do not have unsubscribe links.  You can view the related statement here.

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