Future of E-books: What will new generation e-books bring?

pdf%35 of the books that are sold through Amazon is for Kindle. At least for now… The books we read are the last fortresses of traditional marketing. They are just pages after pages without interactivity. Most of them cannot unfortunately be passed being boring.

Then books get transformed into e-books without getting much of format adjustment. They just became digital versions of traditional books. In addition to this, CTRL+F’s easy searching option makes life easier for the readers.

What about the future of e-books? I am not talking about the distant future. I am talking about the near future. The near future in which e-book readers outnumber paperback readers.  The near future in which e-book readers consider reading nostalgic.

I would like to give an example from the last book I read. I was reading one of Barrack Obama’s influential talks. Then I realized I really wanted to watch him talk; see his gestures, his tone of voice and his body language. So, I watched his speech on the Internet. After this, I came to realize this was a big need. I would like to talk about a tool and software that are technologically ready to be used but yet to be used together as much. The first one is an e-book reader like Amazon Kindle . Second one is Adobe Acrobat 9.

With Adobe Acrobat you can load videos into pdf. It lets you write comments about the video and allows complete interactivity. What is not less important is that you can also load Flash. You can play around statistics analyzing assumptions with the help of graphics. With this pdf file you will be able to understand what I mean easily. In the near future, e-books will be like this (this technology exists but it is not common yet).

You can play the video on the second page of the pdf file, click on “Climate” and “Material” that are listed as variables on page 4 and play with percentage shares on the lower left side and can see how the graphic changes. We will be seeing more of these very affective new generation files soon.

I recommend you get used to it and shape your future accordingly.

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