FriendFeed Started To Make Changes!

Just a few days passed after the acquisition of FriendFeed by Facebook, but FriendFeed already shared some changes with its users. Facebook did not did not stand idle of course, and gave information on what it aims to do by news leak strategy the other day. Even though the acquisition, which was done for $47,5m worth cash and shares, did not make most FriendFeed users happy, now they are forced to rethink with the changes coming right after the acquisition.

Right after that night, although FriendFeed’s add comment link to be placed under long discussions caught attention as a user-friendly new feature, this development was not announced even on the blog. Last night, personalizable page design, which is a part of social networks’ development process and created familiarity with Twitter, was announced at last. The company wanted to make the change before, but slurred over with just six different themes and special Duck Hunt theme before this change. Now, the new theme feature can be used starting from last night.


You can reach the themes page on Settings page. It lets you upload background picture to your page, and choose from the colors you want in 3 different fields. This design change is a nice move for FriendFeed, but those who do not want to experience the design changes can choose a setting, which, like Google’s beta process, can avoid the theme change and experience what they are accustomed to. Also, it will be best to remind you that new themes are added besides personalizable page design. You can also apply the theme change on the groups you are the administrator of.

Of course, it is not correct to relate this change to Facebook acquisition directly, but there are some changes going on for both sides, and both of them seem to be wishing to win against Twitter. I don’t know if it is to realize this aim, but these days FriendFeed is busy with moving to $50m worth Facebook base in accordance with the contract… I guess the real thing will start after that…

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