Free Statistics Service Made Turkey Data Available To Everyone

sayyacAuthorities from contacted with Webrazzi and shared detailed statistics information concerning the company. The company has ranked 40. in Alexa Turkey without little PR and been on air for a long time. Besides, the team started to work on a beta general statistics page that will be used publicly and published the first version of it.

62 thousand 774 websites are registered to, which has 100 new website daily on average, and gets 48-60 m hit count a day from 12-15 m single users in total. The service is used by a large mass, and has a significant population in terms of data provided. has 178 users who can hide the counters on their websites by buying paid packages now.  According to the information authorities shared with us, 10 premium accounts are sold in a month on average.

The service is also available in English, and 95% of the registered websites are in Turkish, 2% in English and the rest are in different languages.

When I asked the service authorities if they will open an information like the one that StatCounter did with GlobalStats, they published address in a very short time, and said that they will enrich this page and share the data free by doing monthly regular updates.

When we dig into statistics, we see that Internet Explorer 7 is on the top of browser choice with a 42.74% share, while 38.17% of the users still prefer Internet Explorer 6. Firefox 3 has the rate of 9.64%, and Firefox 2 has 1.65%, while the rate of users who prefer Internet Explorer 8 is 5.23%.




You can view detailed statistics via above visuals and on page as they are updated. However, these statistics are created using a large number of websites, so I believe that it will be useful to examine search engine preferences separately.

As you can guess, Google has the largest share in Turkey’s search engine market, and has a usage rate of 98.66% according to statistics. Microsoft’s search engine MSN Search has its share of 0.29%, while Live has 0.24%. It is also remarkable that   MyNet has its share of 0.17% in the list.

I believe that will create a much more important source for Turkish market if it shares trend graphics of the statistics in the coming periods.

If you have used before I’d really appreciate if you share your comments with us. You can share your recommendations about the service in your comments, I’m sure they will be considered and realized by

On the other hand, are there any other services which give statistics services to websites like and you fond successful?

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