Firefox Celebrates 1 Billion Downloads

firefox-1-milyar-indirilme-download-264x300Firefox begins celebrating its 5. year anniversary early, after breaking a download record of more than 8 million downloads in only 24 hours with Firefox 3. Aiming to reach its milestone billionth download a short while ago, Mozilla Firefox achieved this goal as you can see from the related counter, and on Monday is going to publish a special website to commemorate reaching this milestone.

The number of instantly shared results on Twitter has reached 1,000,833,602 by now.  Since November 2004 when it was first released, Firefox has been a fearful nightmare for Internet Explorer, and this time, with its final version, it is possible to say that Firefox has raised the bar. However, latest news concerning Firefox 3.7 and Firefox 4.0 comes one after another from Mozilla Foundation, which never gives up renewing itself.

Even if Firefox is confident with itself in browser market that has warmed up with Google’s entry into the market, the share of Chrome by July 2009 of 8.67% cannot be underrated. On the other hand, though Firefox considers its growth, which has increased by 17% compared to last year, minor; it’s worth thinking that Internet Explorer, its biggest competitor has declined its growth by 12.4%.

It is highly desirable that, browser market where future steps will be taken more carefully, and players will increasingly be serious, will provide satisfaction for users, until we will be using browsers that don’t make their presence felt while they are working.

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