Film Fresh Started DivX Formatted Movie Sale!

filmfresh_divxAs an outcome of mutual work of Film Fresh and DivX, an agreement which allows selling DivX formatted movies of Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros on the internet was done, and the movies of these four big producers have started to be sold on the Internet.

The DivX movies cost anywhere between $9.99 and $14.99 and can also be licensed to your name. You can watch these movies on your computer, your DivX player, PS3 and even on your mobile phone.

These are no limitations on copying and saving. Film Fresh solely sells to the US for now. Some entrepreneur from Turkey might come to an agreement with DivX and apply the same system.

DivX first came to our lives during early 2000s as a video compressor format and is the lead architect of common usage of downloading movies from the internet. As the time went by DivX got transformed and incorporated by selling its format to electronics appliances’ users and companies. The DivX support that comes with DVD Players produced today has no good use except for watching illegal movies. In an attempt to change this, DivX came to an agreement with 4 big movie producers that paved the way for the movies to e converted to DivX format and to be sold. Film Fresh is the company that is associated with DivX through which the movies are sold.


Selling movies online is a phenomenon that is being done by iTunes and CinemaNow. The difference Film Fresh makes is the fact that it will be selling DivX formatted movies. DivX format became prominent among others because is the most widely known format that compresses high quality movies to small dimensions.

Film Fresh – which requires its users to download movies- might already be a belated venture considering the news we have just made about Supeonline’s SuperPlay that offers the same service live stream. On the other hand, Film Fresh might address better to archive lovers. The differentiating factor here will be the price. Are there going to be anybody who would prefer to download a movie for the minimum price of 15 YTL while s/he could watch it on Superplay for 3 YTL?

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