Facebook Lite: Tests Have Started For a Simpler Facebook

facebook-lite-inviteNot even one whole day has passed after the news of Friendfeed’s acquisition by Facebook and the news that tests have started for a liter version of Facebook have arrived. Today many Facebook users have received a notification on their home page stating that they were selected as beta testers. According to information from Facebook, too many users have been sent “you were selected” messages by mistake. For this reason, very few people have found the chance to try the “lite” version really.

The “lite” version will be a fast-loading and simpler version of Facebook. Although the original purpose is to provide an easy Facebook experience to users in areas where Internet connection is slow, it gives the taste of a Twitter and FriendFeed-like structure.

On the other hand, I believe that the aim is to simplify the homepage of Facebook, which has become extremely complicated especially after the increase of video sharing.

Besides, Lite version will provide basic Facebook features such as user status information, accept friend request and photo updates.

We were expecting a FriendFeed-like simplification on the homepage of Facebook after the acquisition of FriendFeed, but we didn’t expect it to be announced so fast.


We can find just a few screenshots on the Internet, and as far as we can see in the picture, Facebook Lite is a simplified version of FriendFeed or Twitter that you can “like”, or make comments. For now, when you click on the new version to be used on lite.facebook.com address, it directs you to the usual Facebook homepage. So, if you haven’t received an invitation or do not live in India you will have to wait a little while.

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