Facebook Buys FriendFeed!

fffbThe largest social network of the world with its 250 m users, Facebook acquired the rising value among Turkish Internet users particularly in the recent period, FriendFeed. FriendFeed made a statement on the subject on its official blog and confirmed the acquisition.

The parties have not made an official statement on the financial aspect of the acquisition. However, rumors that FriendFeed, which got $5 m investment in the foundation process, signed under a contract comprising Facebook’s shares.

According to the exclusive interview FriendFeed’s co-partner Bret Taylor and Facebook Vice President Chris Cox gave to TechCrunch, FriendFeed will be integrated to Facebook but continue to work independently.

However, according to the first impressions from the social media, prominent users of FriendFeed are not content with this acquisition.

In my opinion, which I believe that will interest marketers more, Turkish Internet users that have already started to be extremely interested in Facebook and other social networks will explore FriendFeed in short term and the service will strengthen its position in the target platforms in Turkey.

I consider this acquisition great and important news that indicates activity in the market and it should be taken into consideration.

Even though I am a little surprised at the acquisition, since I was expecting that Google would buy FriendFeed, somehow I feel that both Facebook and FriendFeed will be placed in Google’s structure as a suite.

Before I start to produce conspiracy theories, I would like to add that I am very happy to give such great news in Webrazzi’s 3 year, and leave the floor to you. How do you feel about FriendFeed’s acquisition by Facebook?

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