Facebook’s New iPhone App On The Way!

iphone-facebook-uygulamasiMore popular than ever with the FriendFeed acquisition and Lite version, Facebook is once again thrilled with its new iPhone application. According to information from official “Facebook for iPhone” page, Facebook 3.0 application has been sent to Apple App Store.

On the related page, it is written that the latest screenshots of the application will be shared containing very important details. The new application includes improved news fed, like, notes, add new photo album, zooming photos, easier photo labeling and renewed home page.

In addition, the new application saves your messages if you get a call while you are writing one, has a better notification system and provides easier access on your friends’ pages.

The developer Joe Hewitt clarifies an interesting point. According to Hewitt, iPhone’s “push notifications” feature, that created discussions about battery life will probably be added to 3.1 version of the application.

Let’s see if Facebook, affiliating itself more and more to micro blogging, will be able to get such feedback from its users?

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