European Tech Tour – Web & Mobility Summit

Note: Cem Sertoğlu is partner of iLab Ventures and this article of his is published on Webrazzi as guest author.

ett-logoThe entrepreneur community in Turkey usually complains about the fact that it is not in sufficient interaction with global initiative funds. Therefore, I believe that the opportunity below will catch the attention.

European Tech Tour (ETT) Association’s second Web & Mobility summit, aiming to bring European developing tech companies with global market players together, will be held in Montreaux, Sweden, on November. In this organization, 25 company managers chosen among more than 250 candidate companies will have the opportunity to present their initiative to a delegation including managers of initiative capital fund, technology industry members and academicians.

Entrerenurs wishing to be among candidate companies should make registration before September 30 and complete online application. For the application process, the companies are required to prepare business plan and presentation draft. After this, two members of the 20-person selection committee will examine each application. Selection Committee will announce 30 finalists the companies in October. The information provided in the applications will be evaluated within the framework of the privacy policy and will not be open to anyone outside of the selection committee.

It is free to participate at the summit for companies to be selected. However, they will meet their own travel and accommodation themselves.

You can find detailed information on And here is the link for the companies wishing to apply:

I want to add that, London-based investor Pamir Gelenbe and I will be serving in the election  board. We wish to see at least one Turkish company among the finalists.

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