Can Google Socializing Everyday Swallow The Internet?

google-sosyal-internetWhen Google shed its Beta label, it started to lay importance on socializing for the new features it added to its services. New features such as sharing our task  list with our friends with Gmail Tasks, sharing modules added to Google Reader, sharing services like Google Calendars, Google Sites and Google Documents on Google Groups, iGoogle being more socialized, new features on Google Map show clearly that Google is in a socializing trend.

Bookmarklet & Sharing services nourished by blogs and sharing culture that everyone is accustomed to with Facebook recently emerging micro-blog services, has been an integral part of the evolving user-centric and content-oriented web world. In fact, Google, making our lives easier with all the services it provides, has started to break its shell as if it no longer wants to live with “search engine” label. Wave e-mail, Google will soon announce Google Wave which will further socialize the structure of email concept, and has truly committed itself to social transformation these days.


On the other hand, Google’s known social network Orkut is world in a structure that cannot be very widespread throughout the world and it is known that Google is sponsoring a PhD project, known as SocialStream in this field. The main goal of the project is to shape the concept of social networking from the start. For this, studies on SocialStream to create the combination that will best meet different needs based on services and content, strengthening social networking logic with various analysis continue.

An important point is that Google focuses on GoogleFriendConnect in addition to socializing its services. Because now the Internet movement is considered as;

“socializing web, making social web public”

OpenID project is one its best examples, which enables accessing different services with the same account information and speeds up the socializing process. Again Facebook, one of the world’s most crowded social networks, is making its own way with FacebookConnect.

All these show us the direction Google and the whole Internet are going in terms of social networking. As social network interaction that meets any kinds of needs increases, Internet users spend more time in social networks, and it drives Google out of the Internet.
Since its foundation, Google has affected the future of Internet, and now puts much more emphasis on socializing than search engine activities to maintain strong position in the market. Let’s wait and see in what direction the Internet’s social development will go by adding important issues such as real-time search to its structure, and who will come out on top in this new world.

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