Caglar Erol Joined As Junior Partner

tasit_logo1In the previous weeks, we as Webrazzi team, heard that Caglar Erol made an investment on an initiative called and joined the company. Caglar Erol confirmed it and gave us the details concerning this news. is the new name and brand of, the classifieds website for second hand automobiles. The Germany based initiative was founded about 2 years ago. The founder, Birol Kabakoglu, decided to come back to Turkey, starting to look for an investment, and made a number of meetings in within this period. As a result of these meetings, the 5-partner structure with Caglar Erol switched to from

Caglar Erol says that he has been interested in car websites and he has done this partnership with the founder of Birol Kabakoglu at the end of long meetings. In addition, sums up’s objectives as follows:

“ is a classifieds site. We aim to offer a better service and a more useful interface than current market-leading services. Therefore, we aim innovation rather than usefulness. I think that online car classifieds market still has a huge potential in Turkey, and we want to evaluate this potential with Our goal is to be one of the two sites that first come to mind in this area within two years.

There are foreign investors among the partners of, which has similarities to, Caglar Erol’s initiative with the partnership of European Founders Fund. German investor Sotirios Mistakidis of Greek descent, Dr. Suat Imamoglu,‘s co-founder and Dr. Ralph Warner, former director of eBay Germany are among them. Especially Dr. Ralph Warner from iMaven GmbH can add valuable asset to He managed for two years after eBay bought it. Our interested readers will notice the similarities between and


Caglar Erol did not give many details about the company’s partnership structure established for and for the moment, he is a junior partner with an optional agreement, he said. However, upon our researches we found out that distribution of the shares of company is like this.


We can see that has already started passing ads with on classified detail pages vehicle loans parts. I believe that the service which has gathered many pros like its similarities to, having significant names among its partners, its similarity to eBay Germany, Caglar Erol’s being “favorite entrepreneur” of the European Founders Fund will be a success story in the coming period.

Also, I expect that Caglar Erol’s 2.5% share percentage will be at a remarkable level with the optional agreement the experienced entrepreneur signed.

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