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bloggerv-logo-bThe biggest problem blog owners, especially professional bloggers have is creating income for their blogs. In Turkey, while we had various advertising networks  particularly  such as GoogleReklamStore, and Goinger, we didn’t have a service only for blogs.

One of the 4 big affiliate marketing companies, and having an office in Turkey, took a step on this issue and put the only blogging advertising network in Turkey into use. (There used to be, blogging advertising network which Eray Endes started but as far as I know the service is not active at the moment.)

The service called BloggerV lets bloggers and advertisers come together. Blog owners can add the brands, which they believe will be useful to give ads and have interest in, to their profiles and advertisers can reach the blogs that are relevant to their brands and their companies.

The service also enables the bloggers follow up other blogs related to their topics. This way, articles on blogs can reach related people via BloggerV.

Although BloggerV is a Teleint project, advertising sales will be done by Netbook Media, one of the leading digital advertising agencies, which means that advertiser relations for the blogs on the system will be provided by Netbook Media. I’d like to mention that, the advertising server infrastructure of the service is based on AdvertPro.

You can join and be a member of the service with only invitation at the moment, but BloggerV people opened a 100 people quota for Webrazzi and Blograzzi readers.

UPDATE: Invitations are fast running out, so the company opened 100 invitations more for Webrazzi.

First to arrive will get the invitation, and for the honour of launching Blograzzi, 100 of our first readers who own blogs will be able to open their account on BloggerV.

You can use the below link register to BloggerV:

You comments on the service will be useful for everyone. Therefore, our readers who have tried BloggerV, please share your comments with us.

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