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neredenaldin-logoWhen we first explored in August 2008, we called it the report card for business websites then. Now, the website has renewed itself and launched its new and more professional version.

Launched as a personal initiative, then became a platform for customers using ecommerce websites in Turkey to share their comments and evaluated sites. In May, the founder of the service sold his initiative to the company he worked, an e-mail marketing company called Setrow, and now the service is being developed within the body of that company.

With its new design and structure, grades shopping websites with its own algorithm,  which looks at nearly 30 criteria, such as the time of the delivery of the product to  customers, the pace of the companies replying their customers’ comments, rate of positive and negative feedback.

Those who recall the first design of the service will most likely like its new form. Now,  the website lets its  users access much more clear information.  What I like about the service most is its rising/falling feature.  This page shows companies that rise or fall most according to their service quality in 30 days, and let you access company ranking according to service quality.

By the way, let’s have a look at 10 ecommerce websites that give the best service in Turkey according to data.

  1. HizliAl
  2. Hirdavat
  3. eReyon
  4. GedikGross
  5. DeveYuku
  6. ExaElektronik
  7. SimdiAl
  8. NetSiparis
  9. WebdenAl
  10. 10. Kalede

If you want to see the worst websites, let’s not list them here, if you wish, you can view the list on

I expect that will succeed in ecommerce market that continues to develop today, being a service that guides its users a problem free online shopping experience, and the window for the market. I believe that this kind of initiative will provide valuable data when it reaches a large number of people, and affect the market in a positive way in its improvement.

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