Are TR.NET Game Sites On Sale?

tr-net-logoRecently, we have heard some news about TR.NET, which started to serve as a joint project of METU and TUBITAK, and is a website of Middle East Software Services Inc.

The company, serving as a portal until 2008, then left its portal structure and switched to a structure that offered corporation access, data center and similar services.

TR.NET still has some game sites, and it has decided to quit some of its business. We know that the company is continuing its efforts to sell all of its game sites, firstly, now. In fact, it has contacted with one of Turkey’s leading game sites on this subject with someone but has not been able to obtain results. was one of the known services in the industry, but it failed to improve itself, and eventually fell into a decline. Although the domain name has created awareness, I can’t predict the efficiency of sales, since I don’t have any information about the selling price. However, TR.NET has made the right decision to quit these initiatives.


Of course, considering the future of game initiatives that still maintain their potential in Turkish Internet market, purchase of with valuation will create an opportunity.

On the other hand, we have heard that TR.NET has gone to a shrink on the corporate services, while it is not confirmed. However, I cannot speak very clearly on this subject. These can be financial measures, which a corporate services company may be taking.

If the company is planning to sell not only the game sites, but TR.NET as a whole, then we should consider the situation from a different angle; here only the domain name costs million dollars, let alone the company’s corporate customers.

I’m sharing this article to inform you quickly. I believe that in the coming days we will be getting various information. We will continue to share the developments with our readers.

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