AppStore Finally Gave Passage to Facebook 3.0

facebookapp01About 2 weeks ago Facebook 3.0 app was sent to AppStore with a series of major updates, and just as users got too anxious to wait for it to be released, we got the news that the application is finally available from AppStore as of this night.

It was announced that the new app. Has a number of nice enhancements and features including developed news feed, like, notes, adding new photo album, zoom on photos, easier photo tagging and new home page, and Facebook fans that had iPhones were looking forward to see the new app.

The new features also included saving the part of your messages you write when you receive calls when writing messages, a better notice system and easier communication facilities on your friends’ pages.

Developer Joe Hewitt shared his opinion on the approval of the application and, Tweeted that it was not long before the app. was going to be approved2 days ago, which proved him right. The application approved a few hours ago still appears as Facebook 2.5 version in the searches, but Joe says that the application that you download will be Facebook 3.0. The version does not support “push notifications”, which is one of the new features of iPhone 3GS, and according to Joe’s latest Tweet, there is a problem with playing videos, and iPhone could use a specific video format to fix this problem. The screenshots confirm Joe on the problem concerning videos.

Facebook and fans finally got what they were looking forward to, but met the first bug also. We will wait and see when Facebook iPhone 3.0 application that is planned to add push-notifications feature comes with what new features, too.

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