Alternative To Stats Services: Woopra

woopraWhen we are talking about stats, the first service we all think of is probably Google Analytics. However, I want to talk a little about Woopra, another online stats/analytics service I started using as beta tester months ago.

When I first saw Woopra, it caught my attention with its desktop extension. As I started using Woopra, I saw that it would be very wrong to compare it to Analytics as an ex-Google Analytics user like myself. Woopra lets you say “hi” to one of your current visitors as you are viewing traffic and instant users of your sites, if you like.

Let’s talk about Woopra’s hard-hitting features shortly:

1. Real-time visitor tracking


Woopra lets you see online visitors of your web site as a list and reach them using their information details. The user data we are familiar with Analytics can be displayed in Woopra as instantaneous information. You can clearly view users’ browsing data, geographic location, IP address, screen resolution and navigation history at your web site and which page of your site he or she is displaying at that moment.

2. Instant chat with visitors


In my opinion, it is one of the most successful features of Woopra. It might not be so striking for a blog or social network, but for an e-trade site, this solution could be of unique kind. The e-trade sites that currently open pop-up windows to support their customers may have fixed their stats and support issues with Woopra.

3. Online stats together with desktop

Normally giving stats via a desktop program, Woopra provides online access at the same time. However, I believe that it is cozier to use the desktop program since its interface is really fun and personalizable.

Nevertheless, it can be fun to access Woopra directly through the web on computers that desktop program is not installed.

4. Activity alert list


One of Woopra’s features that I adore is its activity list. Normally you can directly communicate with any online user you wish, but Woopra goes beyond this by displaying alerts for users with various interests. For example, how about telling all of your users that you will be at Starbucks on Sunday? Or, wouldn’t it be fun to offer all users who use ie6 to update their browsers?

And investment… Woopra has Layered Tech, the long-established hosting company behind it. I guess no other company could be better suited for a business with hard to control hosting expenses, as a stats service.

Woopra has sent invitation codes for Webrazzi readers, even if it is currently in private beta! You can include yourselves in the beta process of the service using one of these codes. (zesoh7, 8d2q5c, j6fjp0, vcotlf, yohie3)

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