All About Housing Loan: is an online mortgage site founded to inform about housing loan, introduce the products, compare interest and commissions rates, and apply for housing loans. Although Mortgage is not known and common enough in Turkey, the figures obtained is quite satisfactory.

We have interviewed with Mustafa Su, the founder of Doktor Mortgage and he gave us pretty interesting figures. The web site has been active since 31 January 2009, and in this short period, 95,017 individual visitors have visited the site, and 2250 of them managed to get credit application, 1683 of whom applied for housing loan.

When we consider that an average of 20,000 housing loan is used in Turkey each month, we can say that it is just the beginning. Total housing credit stock in Turkey is 39 billion TRY. In the next 5 years, the housing loan stock will climb to the level of 150 billion and, with this boom, the share of mortgage credits in GNP will edge up from app. 3-4% to 15% within this period.

Bank Comparison Module arouses the biggest interest in the site. This section enables you to simply review the loans that all of the banks give in details. This module provides benefits by enabling us to save time, without being have to visit each bank’s web site individually.


In Credit Calculator section, a screen displays how much credit you are thinking to get and how much you have to pay every month, by entering the number of  installments with the help of a simple calculator.

Besides this, by using Collect Bids section, you can leave out phone number and other information, and let the banks call and make offer to you.

The biggest advantage Doktor Mortgage provides is that it focuses on housing loans. Thanks to this advantage, the rate of applications / visitors and the housing loan that is used by the visitors is 3,7 times of the sector average.

Mustafa Su talked about his plans in the near future: “We, as Doktor Mortgage, have decided to be not only on the Internet, but also on the field as of 1 September 2009. We will be providing service to our customers on the fields, plus on the Internet, with our field teams. Our mobile teams, which have undergone Doktor Mortgage specified trainings, will provide “Turn-Key Mortgage” service to our customers. Doktor Mortgage has managed to be one of the biggest portals in mortgage field in a short period of 6 months, and will continue to grow by extending its intermediacy services, one of the biggest deficits of financial system in Turkey.”

As a result, Doktor Mortgage is a useful website, enabling its users to find related articles, obtain comprehensive information on topics such as loan interest rates, compare banks and calculate credits, and apply for loans online.

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