AkAkce.com Uses Physical Resources As Well for Price Info

akakce_logo1In Turkey, there is a quiet and still initiative, and while we think it is calm, it is developing and growing its business largely. AkAkce.com is probably the only service that speaks so little and appears in the digital environment so rarely although it is the outstanding player of price comparison market and in such a strong position.

I made an interview with Koray Karatas, Co-founder of the company, and I was quite impressed by the information he gave me and the new features of Ankara based AkAkce. I can say that the company, which has recently started to combine its online comparison model with the data acquired from offline environments, is changing the rules of the game in the least.

AkAkce.com, with an average of 60 thousand users daily, is still the market leader ahead of Cimri.com, if there has not been a huge change recently. The company, which retrieves price info from 127 different stores and lets its users compare them, works with all of the companies it gives place within its services under contract. AkAkce has made arrangements concerning design within its development and has recently started to collect data from inserts, ads and booklets of companies and brands in addition to the prices in online stores.

When listing the numbers from various e-trade web sites in product searches, AkAkce also uses prices “for information purposes” from “other places” as it calls at the end of the list. As an example, AkAkce lists the information as “Price from 17-30 July catalog of Real store” in this section.

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I believe that AkAkce, now following inserts and ads of 16 different brands and stores as we have learned, has created a source for consumers who consider making purchases besides making a study that has created benefit for comparing offline stores to online stores.

The price comparison services, which I believe will gain value with the development of e-trade market in Turkey, should make use of the next few years well and make a strong entrance to the year 2012, the year that will be the turning point for the e-trade market, as I know. In addition, we can conclude that AkAkce, released in 2000, has shown stable growth and development in the last 9 years. I can predict that this service will be appreciated more as it deserves if it continues with the same speed.

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