10 Basic Recommendations That Will Affect Internet Entrepreneurs’ Success

789514_dominoI have some recommendations that I have put into words many times on different platforms until today, and some standard sentences that I have willy-nilly standardized and been using for these advice. I guess that people with whom I have met in person or companies we have worked with on projects due to Crenvo or Webrazzi will recall one or several of above recommendations.

I realized that I haven’t shared these recommendations in written, and I consider it will be useful for Internet entrepreneurs to bear these bits of advice in the corner of their minds, so I started to think that it is necessary for me to put them on record.  That’s why, I’d like to list not all but some of the basic items which I deem significant.

In addition to these 10 recommendations that I consider important for the success of an initiative and advice people to take into consideration, there are some bonus items at the end of the article, for you to have some idea about the dynamics of this industry we are in.

Not every idea that pops up in your mind is the right initiative

Re-consider your initiative idea paying attention to technical feasibility, market conditions and a vision for future. Not every genius idea may be so genius as you think. Especially if you say that no one has ever thought about it, think again and again. There are no ideas that are yet to be thought in the Internet market, but ideas that have not been preferred or realized.

The right initiative does not always have an earnings model

As modeling your initiative idea, do not focus highly on the issue “how will I make money?” If you are working on an idea that will change the habits or culture, or meet a big need of the market, earnings model will show itself eventually.

If your initiative is not awake while you are asleep, it is not the right initiative

Initiatives should be based on a structure that can live, grow and spread without depending you. If that initiative is getting nowhere without you, there is surely a problem. Therefore, when you are considering your idea or initiative, think about it this way: “What is your initiative doing while you are asleep?”

If you don’t have technical knowledge as an Internet entrepreneur, you start the game 1 point behind

Internet initiatives require technical studies and the entrepreneurs who lack technical knowledge, have to give all the control to their technical teams. You have to know the basics of the business in order to take control of it, or you should have partners who do know the basics.

If you think that you have to find an investor to make your idea real, you have already lost the game

If you have the right initiative idea and the team that has the technical knowledge to enable the realization of your idea, you need to give priority to things that are more important than finding an investor. If you think that you cannot start the business without an investor, chances are you are very fainthearted or you don’t have self-confidence – in that case, don’t be an entrepreneur, find a day-time job – or you don’t believe in your idea. Remember; let money be the problem, problems that you can solve with money are actually not problems at all.

Don’t take a partner for a job you can do yourself

If you need to find a partner to realize your idea or you think so, first thoroughly consider what this person will add to you and your initiative. Take person/s that can add value to yourself and can do what you cannot do alone as partner/s. Also, re-consider about a work that you think you can’t do by yourself. Maybe it’s easier to do or have done than you think.

Your network is your net worth (Special Thanks to Bülent Tekmen)

Build up your contact list, but remember that having a large number of contacts doesn’t mean you have a good network. A network of valuable and real contacts can open doors and increase your initiative’s success.

Always bear in mind: “Less talk, more work”

If you are talking a lot about your initiative, if you are chatting for hours with people you think will be good for your initiative in the events you participate, go to lunches, dinners, meetings lasting for hours etc. Remember! It’s not always “the more you give time, the more successful your initiative will be.” You should talk as little as possible, and give your time to improve your initiative. Forget about stories told; just pay attention to your work.

Think of a successful internet initiative as a 1000 pieces puzzle, when there are missing pieces, it will not be a whole picture

The success of your initiative does not depend only on idea, technical superiority, marketing success or your network. These and a lot more criteria will be involved with the success of your initiative, and the missing parts of the puzzle will decrease the prospects to be successful. So, it is necessary to show attention towards every little piece and place them correctly.

Always visualize your initiative strategy, ideas and goals

It is useful to write your ideas or visualize them with different applications on the computer to see the whole picture. Sometimes you can see that an idea, which seems theoretically correct, has some deficiencies when visualized.  In the same way, it’s important to visualize your strategies and aims so that you can see your improvement and plan your business route.  Moreover, hang the visualized strategies to a place where your team members can easily see, so that you will take the first step to set common goals and speak the same language.

…and bonus items…

Be a good listener, but don’t take it all serious

Listen to what people you know in the industry tell you, entirely and carefully, but do not place them on record before filtering out what you have heard with the filter in your brain. Not every piece of information you hear is useful for you, nor the person you think is giving you “the secret of life” may be still looking for it, or the secret of life he or she knows may be wrong.

Do not make judgments on hearsay information

Do not take heart to make judgments depending on a news or article you read somewhere, or sentences that a person giving speech speaks out. You will impress some people, but believe me, those whom you cannot impress are the ones that will add value to your life. Before expressing your ideas and discussing about something, consider personal background on that issue.

Don’t deem each important person really important, most are empty talk

Most of the people of companies you see in places you have been, news you read and dynamics of the industry you follow are actually not significant as you think. When you think that you need to reach them, contact them, or be close to them, reconsider those people and companies. I can tell you open-heartedly that most of those talks are empty, over-rated and it is highly probable that you will add more value to them than they will add to you. When you tell a couple of your friends that they are highly significant, you add value to them.

NOTE: I am sure you will like to add some items to this list. You can share your items in    comments.

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