Affiliate Marketing Market in Turkey!

affiliatemarketingAffiliate Marketing is one of the popular marketing actions in the evolving internet market, particularly outside Turkey. Affiliate programs usually work on a CPA (cost per action) or CPS (cost per sale) model, and are considered as an advanced, and target oriented version of digital marketing strategies without loss.

However, it is not so easy to create an Affiliate network. A Ro Eye-led study on this issue shows that there has been a decline in the Affiliate marketing market in 2007-2008 period. Nevertheless, the road to success in Affiliate Marketing passes through professional studies.  Such that, findings of the study show that in 2008, 46% of the enterprises giving affiliates consider the method a more profitable marketing style compared to 2007. Besides, it is stated that direct relations with the affiliates should be maintained in a good manner since the affiliates you are working with are the key doors to bring new affiliates. So, what do we have in Turkey in terms of affiliates?

virgul-affiliate-programlariEven though web advertising in Turkey has achieved growth, affiliate programs, unfortunately, do not seem to have acquired the desired cycle. The best example we can give about this situation is the closure of Virgul‘s affiliate program as of last week. We had an interview on this issue with Basar Ekim, owner of Virgul, Co-founder, and Corporate Relations Director of Nokta Corp., who gave a statement to Webrazzi concerning Affiliate market and related closure shortly:

We continue to provide action-based advertising services. We go on producing target-oriented solutions for our willing and interested clients. In addition, our infrastructure is open to use. The closure is solely for our affiliate network. What I can say about this situation in the shortest way is that current internet market in Turkey is not sufficient to create franchising system and significant trade volume to intermediary firms in the sense of goods or services sales. In addition to this, we had to shoulder the responsibility of building the win-win bridge we were trying to build between advertisers and publishers by ourselves, and we could not reach our potential trade target. Apart from these, this decision is somewhat about our own resource usage. Actually, we did not have big trouble in the sense of income and expense for this project. However, we wanted to use the resources that we had assigned to this project for subjects that are more efficient.


Caglar Erol’s latest initiative, new generation service comparison web site has also not drawn the interest he expected, although he wanted to speed up its marketing activity with affiliate program. Upon hearing Caglar Erol’s reprehension last week, we have received some information about affiliate program and his expectations from Enuygun developer Ismail Asci:

The most important quality we are looking for in the web sites that we are going to work with as affiliates is that they have original contents. Visitor traffic and reliability come among our important expectations as well. It is not easy to find Affiliates suited to these criteria, but we are trying to give the best services. For this reason, you can use the xml services we provide differently than other affiliate models and’s services like comparing, and viewing price list details for your website. Soon, we will be providing client libraries in popular programming languages for our affiliates, too.  In addition to this, we provide a report interface. I expect a boom with our wordpress add-on and flash widgets to be provided soon.

Enuygun ranks in top 5 in affiliate program search, yet I believe that it should further feature its affiliate model in its website or through ads. If it succeeds to tell its potential clients of itself and handles income issue, Enuygun could serve as a good model for Affiliate marketing.

myhosting-affiliate-programA competitive offer for Affiliate program users is available in Myhosting offers incredible earning, as high as 400% and has entered into the Turkish market with a very exclusive offer. Myhosting, which I believe aims to create loyalty and awareness with its services, does not hesitate to share its earnings with its affiliates, yet even though a little bit exaggerated, it acts in accord with the logic of Affiliate system.

When all of these are considered, we can conclude that Affiliate programs require a cooperation which both parties will derive profit. The channels providing Affiliate programs have clearer expectations on this issue, but it would not be a shock if they had trouble in findings affiliates, since the concept of original content has yet to be settled in Turkey. After all, the increase of original content and loyalty rates and the rise of blogging trend show promise for affiliate marketing. The expectations of the web sites wishing to be Affiliates are based on credibility and income. I cannot imagine how satisfying the bonus earnings provided to affiliates according to sales success can be, while there are percentages reaching the level of $100 outside Turkey. Yet I do hope that Turkish internet can create its own cycle before outside initiatives like Myhosting settles in the market, otherwise it will have to jump over a higher obstacle.

If there are Webrazzi readers who have experience with Affiliate programs, we will be glad to get their opinions to boost the market.

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    I would have thought it would be such a narrow market in Turkey.
    Tough doing it in English speaking countries, let alone in such an isolated market.

    Good article.


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