Microsoft to cut over 12K jobs at Nokia Devices&Services

nokia-microsoftIt’s no doubt a huge blow to Finnish tech market. Microsoft has announced the worst job cuts in its 39-year history, with the majority of layoffs (12,500+) to be carried out in Nokia Devices&Services units headquartered in Finland. That’s almost half of the number of employees worked at Nokia D&S when it was acquired by Microsoft.

Global cuts will total 18,000, and is part of company’s promise to cut the annual costs by $600m within 1.5 years after the closure of Nokia acquisition. The company employs around 127,000 workers as of today.

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Bing launches ‘information removal’ form with special emphasis on ‘legitimacy’

Bing-LogoMicrosoft’s search engine Bing has launched a web form where the citizens of the European Union can apply for the removal of personal information they believe outdated or irrelevant from the engine’s database. The form differs from Google’s with more specific questions that aim to verify the legitimacy of a removal.

The decision to launch the form follows the ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the top court in the European Union, that says the personal information that can be found on the net via search engines are also subject to the privacy legislations of the EU.

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Nokia completes the sale of its devices and services business to Microsoft

NokiaDayOne-ImageThe deal between Microsoft and Nokia about the sale of the latter’s devices and services division has finally closed today, with some minor adjustments to the terms and a slightly higher value for the Finnish business.

It’s announced that the revised deal is now excluding the transfer of Nokia’s manufacturing facilities in Chennai in India and Masan in the Republic of Korea to Microsoft. Indian authorities have frozen the assets of Nokia in the country due to ongoing tax proceedings, which was also the reason of the delay in closing the global deal between two giants. The transaction also includes an agreement to license some patents to Microsoft.

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Nokia-Microsoft deal awaits Asian blessing, expected to close in April

nokia-windows-phoneThe monster deal involving the sale of Nokia’s Devices & Services division to Microsoft will close in April 2014, the Finnish company announced today. Previously expected to finalize in the first quarter, the $7.2 billion deal has finally gotten the blessing of European regulatory authorities though the approval of Asian bodies are still pending.

Nokia said in a press release that both companies remain committed to the transaction and make good progress related to closing conditions. It also says the tax problems arisen in India upon the closure of a Nokia plant previously included in the deal had no effect on the delay.

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New General Manager of Microsoft Turkey Appointed!

microsoftGeneral Manager seat of Microsoft Turkey, which became vacant when Caglayan Arkan was transferred to the Headquarters in the US, has been appointed Tamer Ozmen, who was Vice President of Internet Channels at Orange-France Telecom.

Europe’s largest broadband internet provider Orange with € 53.2 billion turnover and 189 million customers is one of the largest GSM operators at the same time.

Being an internet entrepreneur in London in the past, Tamer Ozmen founded local search engine TouchLocal in London, and before that performed CEO duty at Doğan Online.

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Internet or Google?

Google kingGoogle’s advances push me to deeper thinking on this subject since the article I questioned whether Google might swallow the Internet. The latest news that fired this idea was on Gmail’s innovation in the past days.

As is well known, Google let us continue our e-mail addiction in places that do not have internet access with offline optioned it provide with Gmail previously. Now, introduction of Gmail’s offline file upload add-on seems to show that Google does not want to leave its users alone for a moment.

Now you will be able to attach your files to your e-mails with Gmail Offline that you activate on Gmail Labs that when you do not have any internet access. Thus, any interruption will not hinder the file uploads.

Google has moved its office services to online environment, and now makes multiple use possible for its users. Also, it tries to get everything under internet connection with Cloud Computing but the advance with Gmail shows that Google has not forgotten that it is possible to disconnect from the network.

google services

Google’s innovation that has come on all attacks of socialization, becomes well with the Chrome OS which was announced suddenly. Because we can see that Google, which has decided to produce the OS that Eric Schmidt did not lean towards, wants to create an internet capsule that has to work when it is outside the Internet. These days some resources claim on Chrome OS, which is run on usb memory, that the new operating system could be deployed with net books, which shows us the desired point.

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93 Percent of Turkish Internet Users Googled in September!

comScore released a new report concerning Internet usage in Turkey based on September data. According to this report, than 19.7 million people age 15 and older accessed the Internet from a home or work location in Turkey during the month, viewing an average of 3,070 pages of content and spending an average of 31.6 hours per person online

The report reveals that Google Sites was the most popular property in Turkey in September with 18.4 million visitors, reaching 93.0 percent of the total online population, followed Microsoft Sites with 17.6 million visitors. ranked third with 16.1 million visitors, having grown 26 percent in just the past six months.

comScore’s figures of 6 months earlier shows the increase in the tendency of Turkish internet users towards social networking.  Just six months ago, social networking accounted for 9 percent of total time spent online in Turkey, but in September social networking represented 15 percent of all time spent online.

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An Interactive Experiment for Internet and Tech Fans!

deney 7 microsoftWhile share of digital agencies in advertising and media is growing each day, Microsoft‘s favorite Windows 7‘s launch has started with an interactive experiment. This interactive launch, which you can hear through various channels, is a well-designed game consisting of a number of steps, but its content is a lot different from the games you have seen so far.

Let me explain the details of the contest that I believe will resound in technology and Internet world. In the first part of the contest, 20 people will be selected out of tech fans that have introduced themselves on by a special jury with the help of supporters.

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Internet Explorer Fights Against Hunger

ie8logoIf you want to feed a poor and haven’t downloaded Internet Explorer yet, or updated the existing version, it’s high time, because, Microsoft will donate eight meals of food for everyone downloading Internet Explorer from this address. Moreover, within this campaign Microsoft will double its food aid and give 16 meals of food for users updating their Internet Explorer version from six to eight.

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Google Loses Search Market Share to Bing and Yahoo

nielsen_logoAccording to Nielsen’s search engine market report for July, Google lost some ground. According to the US report, Yahoo’s growth shot up by 11%, and Bing’s 8%, while Google’s growth rate is only at around 3%. Apparently, Microsoft and Yahoo’s partnership caught the users’ attention, after Bing got its share by its marketing campaigns.


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