Yandex and Google agree to share RTB platforms to better control Russian ad market

google-yandex-logoRussian internet giant Yandex, who signed Facebook mid-January to expand its indexed and real-time search content, announced yesterday that it now will cooperate with Google in sharing their RTB ad platforms and inventories. The agreement will cover only display advertising, not the text-based contextual ones, according to the press release.

Through Google’s subsidiary DoubleClick, the company’s advertising clients will now have access to one of Russia’s largest advertising inventories offered by publishers in Yandex’s Advertising Network. Advertising clients of Yandex, on the other hand, will be able to bid for ad displays in the global inventory of DoubleClick AdExchange partners.

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Google acquires smart home startup Nest for $3.2B

nestpicGoogle has acquired Nest, the home startup that makes smart digital thermostat as well as a smoke detector, according to a press release by Google. The amount to be paid for the acquisition is a staggering $3.2 billion, and all in cash.

The company founded by iPod creator Tony Fadell was close to finalizing a deal to raise $150+ million that would have valued it at above $2 billion, re/code reported earlier this month. The startup is often cited as a perfect example in the realm of Internet of Things.

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100 Most Popular Websites in Turkey According to Google

Google DoubleClick AdPlanner, announced its First report for the First month of the new year. The ranking does not include Google website, while Facebook is on the first rank for Turkish, and Şehir Fırsatı (Groupon) is among the first 100 for group shopping websites.

Google has nearly 100 percent of the search engine market in Turkey, therefore Ad Planner is a valuable resource, which lists the first 100 websites by unique visitors. Facebook takes place on the top in Turkey, as it does worldwide, while the number of monthly individual visitors is 16 million and reach rate is 74.3%. So we can calculate our Internet population as much as 22 million according to Google.

Let’s put the calculation aside and shoot a glance at the other names on the list. The most popular top 10 includes 3 Microsoft names: is the 2nd, is the 3rd and Microsoft is the 9th, redirected to is on the 100th place on this list.

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Twitter Hacked And Recovered… But What About Google Index?

Today popular micro blogging service Twitter is hacked by a hacker group called “Iranian Cyber Army”. The screenshot below was taken by TechCrunch and was on the site for a while. Then the image has removed but and some sub domains were unreachable.

Couple of minutes ago site has become reachable, so we can say that “Twitter is recovered from defacement”. But what about the stain of hack on Google… ?

While Twitter was hacked, Google has obivously crawled the site and updated its index. So, here is the result…

If you search for “twitter” on Google you’ll probably get the same results for the next couple of hours.

So, now its Google’s turn to recover and remove the stain.

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Internet or Google?

Google kingGoogle’s advances push me to deeper thinking on this subject since the article I questioned whether Google might swallow the Internet. The latest news that fired this idea was on Gmail’s innovation in the past days.

As is well known, Google let us continue our e-mail addiction in places that do not have internet access with offline optioned it provide with Gmail previously. Now, introduction of Gmail’s offline file upload add-on seems to show that Google does not want to leave its users alone for a moment.

Now you will be able to attach your files to your e-mails with Gmail Offline that you activate on Gmail Labs that when you do not have any internet access. Thus, any interruption will not hinder the file uploads.

Google has moved its office services to online environment, and now makes multiple use possible for its users. Also, it tries to get everything under internet connection with Cloud Computing but the advance with Gmail shows that Google has not forgotten that it is possible to disconnect from the network.

google services

Google’s innovation that has come on all attacks of socialization, becomes well with the Chrome OS which was announced suddenly. Because we can see that Google, which has decided to produce the OS that Eric Schmidt did not lean towards, wants to create an internet capsule that has to work when it is outside the Internet. These days some resources claim on Chrome OS, which is run on usb memory, that the new operating system could be deployed with net books, which shows us the desired point.

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Google Zeitgeist: Most Searched Words of 2009 have been published

zeitgeist2009_logoGoogle’s traditional Zeitgeist list, which lists most searched words on Google, has been announced for 2009 as of today. Michael Jackson tops the list’s 2009 version, while Spanish social networking website Tuenti and Facebook follow it. Twitter is on the 4th place on the list, and a name that shows the influence of young population and Google usage in Turkey takes fifth place on the list: Sanalika!

Sanalika, which we made an article on when it was fist founded, is a cyber world application that takes the attraction of especially young audience in Turkey. That’s why it has taken place in the list with Facebook and Twitter among other fast-rising search words in 2009. New Moon, second Twilight movie, pop singer Lady Gaga and Microsoft’s new OS Windows 7 follow Sanalika.

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93 Percent of Turkish Internet Users Googled in September!

comScore released a new report concerning Internet usage in Turkey based on September data. According to this report, than 19.7 million people age 15 and older accessed the Internet from a home or work location in Turkey during the month, viewing an average of 3,070 pages of content and spending an average of 31.6 hours per person online

The report reveals that Google Sites was the most popular property in Turkey in September with 18.4 million visitors, reaching 93.0 percent of the total online population, followed Microsoft Sites with 17.6 million visitors. ranked third with 16.1 million visitors, having grown 26 percent in just the past six months.

comScore’s figures of 6 months earlier shows the increase in the tendency of Turkish internet users towards social networking.  Just six months ago, social networking accounted for 9 percent of total time spent online in Turkey, but in September social networking represented 15 percent of all time spent online.

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Minister Binali Yildirim’s Reaction to Google Tax Issue

google_logoAs we have mentioned in the previous article, Webstar Turkey awards took place with Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim’s address to the audience. Yildirim’s speech lasted for half an hour and he made striking comments on Google’s tax issue. In the awards ceremony, Yildirim underlined without naming Google that tax penalty of 71 million Turkish liras issued to Google was fair, and made the below statement:

Binali_Yildirim“It does not matter for us if a company is large or small. There are laws and regulations in this country and one cannot acquire illegally here. They are making a fuss because we have blocked their website. In some platforms, people are publicizing that the government does not know about these things. It is totally false. There are two people in the world that haven’t been brought to heels, and one of them are Turks. Therefore, if you are here, you should obey the rules. We do not want to be treated differently, just do what you do in Israel. I feel very aggrieved at this issue, that’s why I brought this topic up.”

Tayfun Acarer, Chairman of Information Technologies and Communications Authority, made a speech at the ceremony, saying that they have started to work on a homemade search engine, but did not give any details concerning the issue.

Minister Binali Yildirim told “We support every activity that aims to make an asset with effort. Our doors are open to the young, and we have our money, as well as our laws. We have all we need. We are going to make an announcement soon.”

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