The First Incubation Center for Turkish Internet Entrepreneurs Opens!

303138_chicken_trinketToday I want to share news I have known for a long time and been eagerly waiting to give you. Turkey’s first incubation center for internet entrepreneurs is opening in Istanbul.

First let me explain what an incubation center for those who do not know. We see examples to incubation centers in the United States and abroad. An incubation center is an incubator environment for Internet entrepreneurs in particular. New internet initiatives are in need as a newborn baby has some needs to live.

In general, a new internet initiative gets the following help in incubation centers: Office space, office supplies, counseling-mentoring and most importantly, capital. In abroad, incubation centers are being created by especially universities, civil society organizations and investors. The incubation center in Istanbul was established by Akinon, investor of KariyerGENC and founder of Markafoni, and e-tohum, which brings Internet entrepreneurs together. This is why the name is “etohum Akinon Incubation Center” (EAIC).

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